A design platform founded by Martin Kechayas. All furniture is designed by the undersigned or in collaboration with other designers.

Martin Kechayas  

A common thread that tells a story - about a development process, refinement of a consistent idea: to shape functional, organic spectacle - and yet challenging forms: As a kind of "zoological form" - this is how I imagine the furniture ..! As an organism of its own characteristic nature - this is how it calls to be created, and invite the user to come closer - and use!

You should think that Martin Kechayas would have a very classic approach to design since he graduated from The Royal Danish Academy in 1996. But, in fact, the design pieces that come out of his office are both playful, challenging, and poetic.

Martin Kechayas will not let go of a project until it’s completely perfect – and this means that he keeps developing form and comfort until every tiny detail is just right.

With roots in the virtues of the classical craftsmanship, Martin Kechayas is elevating each new design from the ordinary function to the innovative, Take his Brico Chair which consists of a bunch of pieces put together as a magic puzzle. If you try to take away one single piece of wood from that chair, it will fall apart. Bico Chair is a piece of art and a clever piece of engineering, but first, it’s a very good chair.

To Martin Kechayas his many pieces of furniture represent a kind of zoological form. Like in a zoo, his pieces of furniture have their own temper, background, and needs. But put together, they form a big family where shape, material, and elegance may differ but where comfort is the glue that hold them together.

Martin Kechayas tells stories with his design. Stories of innovation and craftmanship, and stories of evolving furniture. His chairs are living sculptures and if you were to open an elegant exhibition place or just establish a cozy home, you would love to include one of his pieces of furniture. It may look simple and basic, but, in fact, the furniture of Martin Kechayas is both outstanding and represents modern furniture design at it’s finest.

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