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Brico Easy chair - hole in one

Brico Easy chair - hole in one

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Curiosity is key

A curious shape beckons us to take a seat. Kechayas poetic take on form is what so clearly sets his work apart.

Combining usability and art, to a degree seldom even in the context of design, Kechayasapproach is all about appealing to our senses, inviting our bodies to physically explore and take possession of the object.

The BRICO Chair, the latest of Kechayas’ contributions to the scene, is no exception – except as proof of this designer being so very exceptional: What is offered is sensual pleasure throughout – from seeing to sitting down – visual arrest to final comfort.

On top of it, adding to this aesthetic an ideal ethical dimension, BRICO is conceived originally as the ultimate “recycled chair”: a composition of diverse – discarded, disparate – pieces of wood, put together in the form of a bricolage, or a 3D collage.

Furniture, in Kechayas’ original conception, is a kind of physically usable poetry – except, now, it’s resuable.

The BRICO EASY chair is made to order in your choice of solid wood.                                   Please contact us at for assistance.

Tekniske specifikationer

Brico Easy chair 002

Material: Mixed wood
Dimension: H: 730 mm x B:620 mm x D: 700 mm.
Seat hight 360 mm.
Weight 9 kilo

Design: Martin Kechayas

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